Complex Property issues in Divorce

Complex Property Issues in Divorce

  • Does your family hold extensive assets?

    • Do you have assets that are difficult to appraise?
    • Are you concerned that your spouse will seek assets which were passed on to you by your family of origin?
    • Is there a significant gap in earnings between you and your spouse?
    • Do you seek to protect stocks, options or intellectual property?
    • Do you, your spouse, or your business, have a commercial reputation (which could be regarded as a valuable asset)?
    • Do you work in a start-up company or are you involved in a new commercial venture?
    • Do you have assets or investments abroad?
    • Are you concerned that your spouse might conceal assets from you?
    • Do you lack sufficient information about the whereabouts of your assets or investments?

    Dealing with these kind of complex property issues in divorce proceedings requires a combination of expertise in family and commercial law, intellectual property and other relevant fields.


    What is Considered Complex Property?

    This refers to assets such as a company or business, stocks, options or investments, franchises or business initiatives as well as personal reputation, such as that of a doctor, lawyer or other professionals. Assets that belong to your family of origin or which are held in more than one country are further examples.

    Companies and other business ventures are often highly complex economically, commercially, and historically in terms of the way they have developed. This complexity calls for expertise across legal fields. Only an attorney who is skilled and experienced in all the relevant aspects can understand the different layers of complexity and clearly present them to the court.

    Dr. Yoav Mazeh is well known for his expertise in intellectual property, options, law and economics and many other relevant fields of law. His academic background and credentials provide him with a broad and interdisciplinary perspective on the complex issues cited above. Following his clerkship for the Israeli Commissioner of Patents, Trademarks and Designs, Mazeh completed his Master’s Degree and Doctorate in Intellectual Property Law at the University of Oxford.  

    His studies, some of which have been co-authored with leading economists, deal among other issues with economic analysis of intellectual property, options and family law issues.

    Dr. Mazeh has developed economic formulas that are being used by courts.

    This unique expertise is highly valuable in family law cases which have economic or commercial aspects, ones that require a broad perspective and an interdisciplinary integration.

    The range of expertise held by Dr. Yoav Mazeh in this respect enables him to view the broad picture and to build the optimal strategy and present it appropriately in court.