Prominent Attorney and a Leading International Expert in the field of Family Law

Dr. Yoav Mazeh is a prominent Israeli attorney, who has gained a reputation as a leading international expert in the field of family law. Dr. Mazeh has gained worldwide recognition based on his many publications as well as a range of reforms he had advanced in his field.

These are regularly cited by both civil and rabbinical courts and have had a broad influence on Israeli case law.

With a law degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Dr. Mazeh completed both a Master’s and Doctoral degrees at Oxford University, where he has also been on the faculty. Dr. Mazeh was also a visiting professor at the University of Toronto and is currently on the faculty of Ono Academic College Law School in Israel.

Dr. Mazeh is a frequent lecturer on family law for rabbinical courts and family law judges, lawyers and social workers in Israel and abroad. He has appeared before numerous family policy committees and has served on editorial boards of prominent journals in his field.


Knowledge is Power that Translates into Winning in Court

Given a rich and extensive academic background spanning 25 years, Dr. Yoav Mazeh carefully explores the details and underlying issues of every case. His vast knowledge is combined with an outstanding ability to grasp complex issues and specific details and to think outside the box. These qualities enable him to draw upon a vast volume of relevant references to support legal arguments. Documents presented to the court are thoughtfully and meticulously drafted in keeping with an overall litigation strategy.

Litigation and Negotiation

A good litigator must be creative, wise, strategic and knowledgeable of the law. A person that is not afraid of confrontation, but at the same time has people skills and is persuasive and convincing. The fate of a court case is to a large extent determined by the ability of the lawyer to articulate a position in a convincing and passionate way, while rejecting counter arguments with equal skills.

As an experienced and innovative attorney, Dr. Yoav Mazeh has appeared throughout the years before many and varied audiences and agencies in a continual effort to impact family law policy and individual client welfare within the legal system. The degree to which his ideas have been adopted by the courts is an evidence of his success in articulating cutting edge policy and influencing case law as well as specific case outcomes.

Dr. Mazeh had developed a unique skill for studying the arguments of the counter-party and identifying flaws and contradictions. He is known for his ability to dissect his opponents’ arguments to claims and sub-claims, to analyze them in depth and to bring to bear relevant examples, based on factual information, research and precedent. 

Personal Attention for Each Client

Dr. Mazeh is strongly committed to achieving the best possible results for his clients. He carefully selects the cases he takes on and provides each client with individual attention and close personal supervision – from the beginning to the very end of the legal process.

Dr. Mazeh delves into the depths of each case and invests tireless efforts in achieving the desired results. His legal strategies are carefully tailored to the specific needs of the client, taking into account individual circumstances, requirements and preferences.

In dealing with sensitive issues, an empathetic approach is essential. It is vital, among other things, to be able to identify the client’s weaknesses and strengths and thereby successfully navigate the legal process. Dr. Mazeh’s extensive research and experience in the legal arena serves to guide against potential pitfalls or effects of client emotions that may act against the interests at hand. 

Confidentiality is also vital, and Dr. Mazeh and his staff appreciate the importance of maintaining the highest standards of integrity.

Dr. Mazeh's Credo

The Law is a Tool of Fighting Wrongdoing.

For many years, Dr. Yoav Mazeh has focused on research and the development of public policy related to children in the process of divorce and has fought for important changes in this regard.

In light of his accomplishments in bringing about significant change in the courts' attitudes toward post-divorce parenthood, Dr. Mazeh has shifted his focus in recent years towards divorce related property issues. In his view, this represents the next frontier in family law, a subject that requires attention in order to bring about relevant changes in the perspectives of the courts.

Expert in the field of Family Law

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